MYR 14.90 - 147.80

If Need Double Track Or Other Size, Pls Contact Our Custermer Service

Complete With Set : Roller -> 1feet = 3Pcs (Exp: 3ft = 9Pcs Roller)

End Cap -> 1Length = 2Pcs

Single Bracket -> 2.0ft to 6.5ft = 2Pcs

Single Bracket -> 7.0ft to 10.0ft = 4Pcs

Screw -> Compair to Bracket Have How many Pieces

Wall Plug -> Compair to Bracket Have How many Pieces




1. This Product Delivered Upon the Standard Delivery.

2. Please Measure and Ensure the Size of Curtain Rail that Needed before Placing the Order.

3. You May Contact Us for the Details of Product (size, thickness, quantities etc.)

4. Not Refund And Return be Allowed upon Any DAMAGE or DENTED of the Rail if Less Than 2 Set Order.

5. The Curtain Rail Will Be Separate Into Two Track For Easier To Ship If It Over 6.0ft.

6. If Can't Accept Separate To Two Track, Please Don't Place Order, Thankyou!

7. All product images shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual products may vary in term of size, type, brand, version, color, and other relevant characteristics.

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